This fund invests up to 100% in Spanish and international equities, seeking undervalued companies with large long-term upside potential. It combines Spanish and foreign equities as per the criteria of the fund managers. The current allocation is 80-75% Foreign Equities and 20-25% Spanish Equities.

  It is an active managed mutual fund whose objective is to achieve maximum capital appreciation and minimal risk over the long term. In 2002 it was the only mutual fund on the Spanish stock exchange (apart from Bestinver Bolsa) to achieve a positive return.

  Appropriate for investors wishing to invest in Spanish and foreign equities through a single fund and with an investment horizon of at least five years.

  Bestinfond is the ideal fund for grouping equity investments into one single vehicle as it invest in a wide range of global companies with strong upside potential whilst at the same time taking advantage of our fund manager's excellent knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese companies.